Locked choices?


Can anyone help me out with how to do locked choices, please and thank you.


Hey @CarllieS!

If you want to do a locked choice, all you have to do is put < LOCKED > (don’t leave place between the < > and the word LOCKED though. It’s not allowing me to type it otherwise) before writing in the choice. So it’ll look like:


< LOCKED > “enter your choice here”{

And yeah, that’s pretty much it! Just make sure not to leave any place between the angle brackets and the word LOCKED.


Thank you.


One do you do it with the IF command?


Yes, I believe you can do it for a choice that later involves the IF command. But you can’t do it with the IF command itself, since it’s not a choice, but is based on one. Since the reader will not be able to select the choice because it is locked, they’ll follow the other path. (You don’t have to lock the IF command though; you have to put the alternate path in the ELSE command.)

I’m not sure if that made any sense at all, or whether that answered your question. If you elaborate a little, maybe I can help?


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