Locked episode script

hi so i made a locked episode script thingggg and idk where else to put it so ill put it here if any1 wants to use it haha

label locked

readerMessage ik this doesnt look like me shut up .

@JULES spot 2.000 70 -380 in zone 1 AND JULES faces right

    JULES (talk_greet_neutral)
Hi, this section is locked until I'm finished with it.

    JULES (talk_condescending_atcamera)
You can either leave the episode or reread the introduction again.

    JULES (talk_flirt_charming_atcamera)
Thank you for your support, I love you hoe!

choice (intro)
“Reread the intro.”{

    JULES (flirt_wink_atcamera)
Good choice.

goto intro

}“Leave episode.”{

    JULES (talk_greet_neutral)

@pause for 1000000 AND remove JULES

goto locked

}“Read it anyway!”{

    JULES (talk_armscrossed_angry_loop)

It’s really bad but fine.


uhh jus label things correctly nd youll be fine idk but i needed to put this somewhere aha