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I was wondering about this type of choice for a while and know that other stories have done something similar but I’m curious about your opinions.

How would you people feel if you got a choice like this? Before this scene, you had multiple chances to earn points. The first choice is the best and guarantees the reader their choice, the second may or may not allow the reader to get their choice based on other factors and the third is well…giving up.

Does this give a similar feel to gem choices or because you had the chance to earn the choice it’s different?

  • Yes, it’s just like those featured stories!
  • Eh, it depends on the situation.
  • No, i’m fine with this.

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Definitely depends on the situation.

If I failed to find a gun in a room search minigame, then it’s probably fine if the option to use a gun or take it in as evidence is locked for example.

But I’ve also seen a story where the option to refuse a forced kiss is “locked” because of your personality choices and I didn’t appreciate that. :woman_shrugging:


Wow, that’s a good way to put it. Putting the reader in a situation like that isn’t a good use of locked choices. :confounded: Definitely, given me a new perspective. Thank you for your input!


Ahsjsjshdhdhdssj I’m actually scared with this kind of choice because I’m bad with choices but I want the best ending lol

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I’d avoid to put the choice, use the if/else and show directly the correct scene.


If/else definitely works here too, noted. :relieved: Could you elaborate on why you wouldn’t do a choice here?

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I feel like it is like saying: “Oh you’d like to play this scene? Too bad you didn’t make the right choices before”.


As a reader I gotta say I love you for that. It made me sad when this happens and I usually will replay it from the first chapter because I. Have. To. Get. The. Right. Choices. And. Scene. :rofl:

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It definitely makes it feel like there’s a wrong and right answer which is the exact opposite reason I read episodes. I like making my own choices and some of the times I’ll have enough points for the locked choice but won’t want to use it because I like another option better but I know that choosing it will give me the best outcome so I kind of feel cheated out of a choice. However I have seen locked choices used in cool creative ways that I really appreciated. (Also off topic but I wish there was a way to make it more obvious whether you have enough points. I used to think that if the locked icon was there I didn’t have enough points and didn’t bother to click but later learned that the locked icon is there whether you have enough points or not)

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Just replay it with all the answers and cheat your way to victory. :smiling_imp:


Yes I do this all the time :rofl:

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Hi @Sydney_H, could this thread be closed please? :grinning:

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