Locking Posts πŸ”’

Stupid question, how can I lock a post?
And if I do can I unlock it later on?

You have to ask @/Sydney_H in the comments of the post. And no you can’t unlock it.

I see a lot of people who say their topics are just temporarily locked?

Maybe there talking about when the post has been locked for not following guide lines. When your post doesn’t follow guidelines it will be locked and you can revise it to get unlocked. But when you request a lock that’s it.

Eg(this did happen, I passed by it 2-3 days ago): there’s was someone who had a shop on here (art shop with free to use BG’s) and they had locked it because they wanted to close shop for a bit. They ended up having to create a new shop since it was locked.

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@Sydney_H can you lock this up for me babe, thank you! :slight_smile:

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: