Lockpicking miniganme

Hello everyone!
I want to do a lockpicking minigame in my story, but I don’t know how to do it.
Can someone help me?

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I could try help…

You will need the following things…

~ A lock overlay (So the regular lock overlay + a side of the lock)
and a bobbypin/key overlay or whatever you want to pick the lock…

I can help you figure out the overlay placement and then I will do my best with the code…
If you send me a photo of the script placement you have so far.

How to place overlays…

@overlay OVERLAYBELLE create
@overlay OVERLAYBELLE shifts to -211 -42
@overlay OVERLAYBELLE scales to 1.200 1.200
@overlay OVERLAYBELLE moves to layer 1
@overlay OVERLAYBELLE opacity 1

Replace OVERLAYBELLE with your overlay name and then you can adjust the placement.


Thanks! The only problem is that I don’t know anyone that has a lock over lay and bobbypin overlay.

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The reason you will need to overlays is because you want

The back of the lock overlay on say layer -3

The item overlay that will pick the lock on say layer -2, -1, 0 or 1

And then the half a lock overlay on top on layer 2

That way the bobbypin/ lock pick will go in the keywhole of a lock…

I can help you find the overlays. I may need an hour or so… I’m in maths atm and have history next… <3 But it should be simple

That or if you want, get the app paint.net (it’s free)

Find an image of a lock on google and play around with it till you get the overlay look you want. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! When I find it, I’ll let you know.

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Hi! I just found the lock overlay and the bobbypin overlay. Can you know help me?

Do you mean like if they make the wrong choice it starts them over and if they make the right choice it keeps going?

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Yeah, exactly like it!

INK or LL?

LL :blush:

I can help if you’d like

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I would love to! All the help is welcome!:heart:

You want me to like show a small part of what you’d do and you let me know if it makes sense?

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Yeah, of course. I would appreciate it.

Yea so the lock overlay… You need 2 of the same lock… 1 is half of the lock (this will go on top layer) and the full lock overlayer which goes on the bottom.

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readerMessage Credits to ADDUSERNAMES for the assistance with this minigame script!

@overlay HALFLOCK create
@overlay HALFLOCK shifts to -211 -42
@overlay HALFLOCK scales to 1.200 1.200
@overlay HALFLOCK moves to layer 2
@overlay HALFLOCK opacity 1

@overlay BOBBYPIN create
@overlay BOBBYPIN shifts to -211 -42
@overlay BOBBYPIN scales to 1.200 1.200
@overlay BOBBYPIN moves to layer 0
@overlay BOBBYPIN opacity 1

@overlay FULLLOCK create
@overlay FULLLOCK shifts to -211 -42
@overlay FULLLOCK scales to 1.200 1.200
@overlay FULLLOCK moves to layer -7
@overlay FULLLOCK opacity 1

#Thecode above will get your overlays on screen if i’m correct, you can then move them as you will make sure the top overlay aka the half lock matches up with the full lock overlay so that way it will look neater when the bobby pin overlay enters… (MAKE SURE THE BOBBY PIN GETS PLACED OUTSIDE OF THE LOCK)

@overlay BOBBYPIN shifts to -211 42 in 4

#Use the code above to move the bobbypin into the lock by just changing the placement so it matches and setting the time signature from 4 to whatever you want

#To complete the mini game involves the choice code which is a pretty simple code + the use of gains and goto commands E.g.

gain LockPickerStart

choice “Option 1”{

goto LockPickerStart

} “Option 2” {

sound click

} “Option 3” {

goto LockPickerStart


#As you see in the choice the click sound will indicate they got the first choice correct, you can add multiple choice steps if you wish by just repeating the code and using the same gain to send the reader back to the start or back to the step by giving the gain a new name.

I think that is correct, the hashtags are so if you paste the script into your story they won’t cause errors (so those are notes for you.) If you do use that script lemme know how it goes. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I seem to can’t find a lock with a corresponding half of it.

You make it in an app here send me the picture of the lock

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This is the lock.

Okay, will the bobby pin be entering from the bottom?

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