Log in error help?

Is anyone else having trouble logging into the portal today? I’m having this error message pop up.

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Do you sign in using Facebook? if so it is because Facebook whats app and instagram all of gone down something to do with the servers I’m not sure but that could be the reason if you use Facebook to sign in.

wait really. are they updating them or something.

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I’m not sure what happened, apparently they posted on twitter that the apps will be up and running in about two hours.

weird. I feel like they did all this already.

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I know I don’t understand what they are doing :joy:, Sorry you got locked out of your account because of it that really sucks.

its all good. lol that’s what i get for signing in under facebook. then again email wasnt big at the time. lol

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Haha. Ya I got lucky that I forgot my facebook account stuff so I had to use email. I guess i’m just that lucky.

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Hey, for me all is perfectly working when still not working try to use on

Yeah I found out that it’s just because fb and a lot of the social media stuff is down but thanks. They said by tomorrow they should be back up.


Hey I checked and I think that they are back up. You could see if you can get in now.

They are. Thanks

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Ya for sure! :grin: