Log In Error (I’ve tried everything🥲)

Ok so I am having problems logging in to my google account on the Episode app. I have submitted a help ticket which they replied that they cannot help me. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it multiple times, there is plenty of space in my google drive, and I have tried logging in with Facebook and Apple. I am not transferring from phone to phone or anything like that. I literally just want to log in. I have an IPhone XR if that helps anyone but I am at a complete loss. Please help🥲

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If this helps anyone this is what happens when I log in with each one. The apple seems like it works but then it never takes me off of the first screen. I don’t know what to do🥲😅

This has happened to me before so I would try to delete the app, shut you’re device off and wait for 5-10 mins. When the time is up, put it back on and download the app again. That should work but if not then maybe it’s you’re WI-FI

Yeah I’ve had this same problem before but I don’t remember how i fixed it. I’ll try deleting and turning off my phone again.

Are you trying to log in from a android to an ios?

Oh and ok, remember to wait tho

no sometimes it just signs me out if i don’t use the app for long enough. it’s the same phone i’ve always had and i have logged in before on this phone i’m pretty sure.

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yeah it didn’t work lol

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It’s probably you’re WI-FI box then, try to turn that off, wait and put it back on.

I’m on cellular data right now but I connected to free wifi’s when we were out earlier and that didn’t work either

Ohh, then idk how to help anymore,… I’m sorry

Lol it’s ok. Episode said they can’t even help so hopefully waiting until they fix it for everyone else will work!

Fingers crossed and good luck

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If you still have problem, reach out to me on pm. I tell what I’ve done when I was the same problem 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately ‘tips’ from team didn’t work for me as well. :sleepy: so maybe I can help you, there’s always hope :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yeah still having issues. I would love to know what you did, maybe it’s the same problem for me?!

Sure, I’ll send you dm in a sec :3


can you dm me as well! i have the same issue.

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If you’re experiencing this issue on an iPhone, updating to the latest version of Episode should help resolve this issue. If it doesn’t, please reach out to our support team here, as they can help you!

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This happens to me I just click continue with apple and then I log out and then it works with log in with google.