Log in issues and ads not working

Hi there i have been trying to log into my profile and when i do so the screen goes black and then foreclosed. Also has anyone had issues where the ads load but then goes black and then foreclosed and does not want to load

Yes that has happened to me I just exits episode and click on app again
Or I just leave it running it will take about a minute or 2 then it goes to the other ad then to the story

I have done the same but i try again and nothing the ads load and nothing and the same goes for my profile and i don’t know how to fix it. I have emailed episode and they told me to do the stuff recommended and still not working, they also said that it could be space on my phone but i only have episode loaded so i don’t even know what to do. I uninstalled and re loaded and still nothing😒

Hmm I dont know then I know its has happened to me and this is what I do. Hopefully someone knows what can be done

Hey there @Leigha, sorry to hear about your issue. ;( I’d suggest submitting a help ticket to the support team, they’d be happy to help. :wink:

I am going to try and login with another google play account and see if that works i doubt it fingers crossed. I have and it stil doesn’t work they gave me suggestions and to check space on my phone but i only have episode on here

I now officially give up i tried 7 times to get into my profile and it didn’t even load just automatically came outof game everytime wth this is literally the most annoying thing👎

This happened to me too.
I logged in, it said “Choose Your Account”.
I clicked on it but it closed and when I opened it it didn’t log me in. I found a solution but I’m not sure if it will work on other devices but it worked for me. All you have to do is open the app and login. When the app closes and takes you back to the homescreen, fully close the app (swipe it away). Then open it again. (Obviously, it won’t be logged in.) Go to the create section and click on click on “I Agree To The Terms…” and sign in with google. This will reload the app and a box will appear saying “The account you’ve logged in is on another platform saved on ** / **/****. Would you like to continue.” Click on continue. It will remind you to note down your present account (which is not logged in). If you want you can note it down but I usually skip it. Then it will say
“The Game will exit and login”.
That’s how it works for me every time