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I have problem here. How to log in using another gmail account because it keeps directing to other account which is my old account. I already making a new gmail acc and done log in on app. Why there is no option for which acc we want to choose for Writer Portal?

are you sure you logged in the right other gmail account ? and are you still logged in ?

I have gone through that too and it’s kind of stressing but also funny :joy::pleading_face:

I don’t remember the exact steps to log into your knew account but it’s not the writer’s portal fault. What you gotta do is play with your Google account. If you have already logged in the account you don’t want (in Google) and you wanna log with the new one (in the portal) it’s possible it won’t let you and will redirect you to the Google account you logged in Google.
Idk if I’m explaining myself right buttt I recommend you to open a new Google page there’s a way to have two Google accounts at the same time😂 If you know how, let me know if not (either way) I’ll show you with pics !!!


:thinking: Odd, it doesn’t let you log out?

If you can, clearing the cookies in your browser will log you out of all accounts, you can do that unless you’re logged into something important on another site.

That’s the only way I can think of to force-logout, if you aren’t able to do that and the site still won’t let you log out, you might have to use a different browser. :woman_shrugging:

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:thinking: I’m goin to try it. I will let you know if I succeed. Thank you for the tips.:kissing_closed_eyes:

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I had this issue so I logged out of both of my gmail accounts (at gmail.com) and removed them both from my device and then I readded the account I wanted before going onto the episode website and logging in. I hope this works for you!!


I got what you mean😂 I’ve been playing with Gmail all night long.

Sure I will let you know if I have the solution.:yum:

I never thought of that… I will try it! Thank you for helping me out. :sob:

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OMG it’s working!:sob:

Thank youuuu~♡

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This one works!


No problem!! I’m so happy it works :blush:

Log out from your google acc in google. Then “add another account” and add your new email. It should work. Then go to episode and log in with the new email!