Logging in error message

So I’ve submitted a ticket about this and still no luck. I was on episode this morning and then all of sudden I can’t login anymore. I cleared up some space. And still this message. Do I just wait until tomorrow? I also have a book club that I run and our challenge will be over soon. So do I just wait?

I had it too turn tracking on and should fixed it they are working on it on next update I hope then try to log in again


Oh so I should allow the app to track my activity?

It worked. Thank you.


Yeah I guess we have to for now I hope it fixed soon so we don’t have to track it I don’t understand why they haven’t updated it yet taking ages

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Yeah tbh it’s not cool

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I agree I don’t like app tracking me

I’m glad your issue was resolved @MidnightMaiden :blush: :blob_hearts: