Logging in is getting on my nerves

Hi! I’ve been logged on to my account and am trying to log onto another account. But for some reason (not too sure what’s going on) I’m not able to log on to a different account. When I log out, and press the “sign in with gmail” button, it takes me straight back to my account that I logged off of. I’ve been trying to solve this for a few hours now. Any way to help? Thanks! This goes out to anyone btw!

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Hello @shayla01, this is Sydney the Moderator and we welcome you to the Episode Forums! :smiley:

Are you trying to log on to the Forums with a different account?

First, thanks for replying! Secondly, on the intro page, where it says about creating a story and using your gmail account to log on. That’s what I’m trying to solve

I think I know what you’re talking about. :smiley: It gives you the options to log in with Google or with Facebook, right? When you click on Google, does it give you an option to select which email address you want to use to sign in? :wink:

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When I first logged on, yes. But now I’m trying again and it’s not. Glad we are on the same page tho :rofl:

Hi. Me again. If you are busy at the mo Sydney, don’t worry. I have to go for now. Dad wants me to watch a film. If you have a suggestion, leave it down below, but beware that I probably won’t reply for the next 2 hours

All right, sounds like it’s automatically using whichever email address you gave it originally. :wink: You might have selected the “remember this email address and password” button. Not sure how to fix that, but I’ll look into it. :slight_smile:

So I’ve looked into it, and it appears there is no way to change your email address that you use to log into the Writer’s Portal. Go ahead and submit a help ticket to our support team, they’ll be happy to help you! :wink:

Go to another Google browser or whatever and log into another Gmail account on there, and then go back and log in with Gmail. That’s what worked for me.

Sorry it’s late. Thanks! I’ll try it now! :innocent:

@Trying_To_Help’s idea should work.

What worked for me:

Log out of Episode.
Log out of Google.
Log into the Google account you want it to remember.
Go back to the Episode page.

It should ask for email verification again.

Ok. Thanks!!!