Logging out of writers portal


Hello I logged out of writers portal so I could I sign in to another account but it just signs me back into the other account.


Can you not logout again and then sign into the other one?

How do you plan your story

I log out but it doesn’t give me a choice to sign in to another account


And then when you go on again it signs you into the wrong one. If you disallow redirects (click secure in the corner) Does it still log you in automatically? If so try a different browser.


It is already disallowed


Oh. Try a different browser or use incognito mode.


Is javascript banned?


It is on allow


You have to log out of you’re gmail account and sign in to the right one. Then open the writers portal and it’ll work.


For a different website disallowing java script let me log out properly idk how though. Just try it :woman_shrugging:


Thank you both


It worked thank you
@Jojo.episode464 @Melody.LE