Login error keeps appearing


I use to have an iPhone and have now moved over to an android and I can’t restore as it keeps coming up with error, is there anyway of sorting this as I don’t want to start all over again


I don’t think this is supported…


so I’d have to start all over again


With reading stories yes, and with gems and passes too, but I’m pretty sure you can still publish and write your stories on the previous account on the website… You just won’t be able to preview them on the app and do such things, so that’s kind of bad…


I write episodes and enjoy reading others but I ended up deleted Episode. Then when I went back to down load Episode I would click on the app and it says there’s a chance we can’t get ur data all hooked up or something and I click the okay button but it won’t load it just keeps me on the loading home page of the app and won’t go through please help me find a way I can fix this.