Login error (profile)

Hello Episode Team!
For the past couple of days, I can’t login into my profile on the app. I tried deleting the app and restoring it but none of it worked. Every time I access it through my gmail, it states “Unauthorized access”. And would have some weird characters. I would like someone to help me so that way I can have access to my story. Please and thank you :slight_smile:

Zarah Reign

are you on android?

No apple (iOS)

oh, then i don’t know what to do. sorry.

Maybe send a ticket :woman_shrugging:t5:

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i have the exact same problem, i really need help on what to do🥺

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Okay, i’ve tried it for a couple of weeks now and it didn’t work, now just right after my other comment, it did. All i’ve done is restart my phone and log in via apple id even though my account is google. than i logged out and in again but with my gmail and it suddenly worked!

It’s still not working but I do appreciate your effort :heartpulse::blush:

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