Login Error: Unable to access my Game/Profile

I’ve been a member in this community for a whole year now, which means I’ve made plenty of progress regarding all the stories I’ve read and am still reading today, as well as the ones I created myself. I have worked hard and wrote/tested various scripts during this time, some of which I have shared with the community.

Onto the actual point of this post: I would like to regain access to my original profile and game state in the app. Right now I’m still logged into the portal with the same Google account I used to create my profile in the app, which means I can access and edit all my stories on the web, but I cannot access them in the app due to this issue.

My app is currently set to my friend’s game state and profile, which means I have no access to any of my features (my stories, profile, feed, gems, passes).

When I try to log in using my Google account OR providing my Episode-given username and password, this pops up:

And when I try to log in via Facebook, this pops up:

In a nutshell, I am stuck and locked out of my game.

Now, before you ask any of the following:

  1. Have I submitted a support ticket regarding this issue?
  • Yes. I have already done so about 5 or 6 days ago and the next day I only got a reply asking me for more details about my device and current game state which I then provided in another reply. There was no activity after that.
  1. Have I tried reinstalling the app?
  • Three times. None were a success or help here. The current game state remained.
  1. Have I tried clearing my phone up?
  • Yes. I have done so just recently but it didn’t provide any help for the Episode app.
  1. Have I created my account on another platform from the one I’m using now?
  • No. I have created and logged into my account via Google on the same iPhone 6 I’m using right now. I have also remained logged into the same account on this device from the beginning, ever since I first installed the app.
  1. Have I tried logging in using this account on another platform?
  • Yes. I remember restoring my game on an Android device, which apparently worked perfectly with no errors. Even while I did that, I were still logged in on my iPhone 6 and never had any errors on neither of these devices (until I logged out on the iPhone a couple days ago, that is).

I would kindly ask for a definite answer whether or not it’s even possible to regain access to this account at this point. I’ve been trying to find answers and solutions for days after submitting a support ticket without success. I truly don’t want to lose access to everything I’ve built and worked on during this time, especially not my stories. I also have an active unlimited passes subscription on that game state at the moment, which is going to waste as I am writing this. At this point I’m legit desperate for any solution. Any help is appreciated. :sweat:


This happened to me about 8 months ago from signing in on my sister’s old iPhone when my android was getting fixed. I submitted a ticket, then like you, sent more details and they were able to fix it up for me (though they couldn’t transfer my progress or my gems/passes across, only allow me to get my ready made profile). So maybe double message support asking them if they got your reply? Or if they have an update? They were relatively quick when this happened to me

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Hi, thanks for your reply. Does that mean you were able to gain access to your original profile using the same email, but on a different game state? I hope I’m not too confusing with this

Yes I was. I think they must have done something on their end to erase the iPhone login so that I could get back in on my android phone

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Okay, I now feel a little relieved at least haha. I guess I’ll try contacting them again soon. Though once you were able to log in with your profile, was it set on a new game state which reset your reading progress and purchases?

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That is correct… Although to compensate, they gave me a bunch of free passes

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Just one last thing, since my app is currently set with my friend’s game state, how can I reset to get a new one? Or does the team provide you with a new username and password after managing your account’s linked game state?

Um… My memory is a little foggy with this part. I’m pretty sure I was still able to use my original log in details

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Have they been able to assist you yet? My case feels hopeless, I’ve submitted a total of three tickets so far, the oldest one being 21 days ago. No recent updates.

Has your issue been solved yet?

I am having the same problem, but I just created my profile. It created the profile but logged me out as soon as it was done and won’t let me log in.

That’s rather strange. It could possibly be an issue of another kind.

Idk what the problem was but I made a new account and it worked fine.

I’m having the same thing happen to me, I’m freaking outtt. Lol I submitted 2 tickets hopefully they fix my account. I had so many gems and passes and my stories on there that I literally just published and I can’t get into it. I uninstalled and then I couldn’t acess my account.

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Same here. I’ve literally been waiting over a month for a fix by now. The least I could regain access to is my profile and created stories.

This is happening to me now :persevere: i can’t even read the stories, i don’t know what to do…

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A month?? :sob::sob: I was trying to edit my story I just published. :sob:

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For that, I linked an alternative email with my present game state and opened my stories via their sharing link to be able to preview them in-app without having to publish. It’s not the best way to preview and fix the script, but at least it’s something. Hope this gives you a temporary solution. :slightly_smiling_face:

And yeah, a literal month. I’m still not giving my profile up though. Even if it takes me a year.

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