Login issue with the App

Since yesterday whenever I open the App it starts with the below screen. I click on ‘Okay’ then it doesn’t start loading.

I managed to sign in through share links of stories posted here, but in this case I’m getting very old notifications about my stories’ reads and having unlocked 4 passes every 4 hours (I’m pretty sure this happened quite a long time ago…)

Is anyone else having a similar issue?

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Hey! I’ve changed my phone and I was trying to restore the app but everytime I try to restore using the usarname and the password but the app just closes when I try to log in with my Google account the same thing happens.

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I deleted and reinstalled the App and now I’m able to get through the starting screen, but I’m still getting the notifications, my favorites are gone and a few stories start at the beginning no matter where I left off reading. I guess we need to submit a ticket.

What is the ticket means?

The Episode Team can help you with your issues with the App or webportal if you submit a ticket here:

Mines started two days ago, I’m a mobile creator and when I went into my story I could not change the character’s appearance. So I wrote a support ticket. Today I was just catching up on stories I’ve started and my phone blinked and the app shut down when I logged back in I got a message saying to contact episode my profile was completely gone and when I log back in all my passes are gone and when I go into my story it shows how many chapters I’ve created but they all start from 0 as I’m a new creator.

What do you mean all your chapters start from 0?

I am having this problem. I tried updating the app, deleting and then redownloading, restarting my phone… nothing is working :weary:

Mine was fixed by the Episode Team after I opened the ticket. I explained the issue in details then they asked me to uninstall the app and wait until they restore my account. If you decide to do this, be aware that you will have to live without Episode for a few days until they confirm it is save to reinstall :wink:

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Does it delete my progress on stories or the stories that I’m writing?

My progress was reset by a few days, so I had to reread a few chapters I had started when the issue came up. I don’t use the mobile creator but I think it does a back up for your story on the web portal. However if you edit anything on the portal you won’t be able to write on mobile creator anymore… I have no idea, I think you should discuss this with Episode before they restore your account.

When the bug was happening I went into the mobile creation and the first story had 15 chapters. It showed the chapters but when I went into each individual episode which was 600 beats it showed it like I never wrote it. But I did write to episode and they also told me to uninstall until they fix the issue in which I had already done. I was so upset that my sequel was 800 beats per episode that I had it uninstalled. Now I’m just waiting for them to tell me it’s done.

Oh, that doesn’t sound good. I hope they can fix it for you.

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@Annieways thank you so much. Apologies I’m replying so late but they did fix that issue and now I have an issue with my mobile created story. I can’t write because the characters appearance won’t change and neither will their outfit or lipsticks. Then the characters move slow so directing is off compared to it being off before. I’ve actually taken a break from writing now.

Sorry to hear that. Did you submit another ticket?

I did a week ago, still waiting on a reply. I currently can not edit or go over my stories. But I’ve been catching up on reading others stories.

Yes. I’ve changed my phone also and i couldn’t even enter my username because that part was not even showed. I deleted and installed again but never changed.

Having this exact same issue right now and already submitted a ticket today but haven’t gotten a response yet. This issue has been going on for 3 days already! I want to go back to reading my stories already lol

I Updated my phone and tried to login but it will not let me I have tried Google Facebook and even the password and username Episodes gave me I don’t know what to do to get all my stories back on my homepage all I have is a few stories and I can’t even see what is trending on the app because all I have is Home in settings what should I do?

I am having the same issue
I cannot sign in on my google account it keeps saying “ Lon in error : oops, something went wrong. Please try again.
I am trying to long into the app on my iPad so I can test out one of my stories .