Login/Update/ Search bar

I just re downloaded the app, and I can’t find a space bar anywhere. Also the 3 bar line in the top left corner just shows " Home & Settings " I only get a certain amount of stories on the featured wall, I can’t pick categories anymore or search for my favorite stories. Also it won’t let me log in to my old account. This is upsetting because I absolutely love this game. Also,


Hey girl , well i re dowloaded the game too and the same problem is happening to me

same did u fix it ??

I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask this question or if it can be fixed but I just switched from an android phone to an iphone and when I am trying to login it says “that account is associated with a game state on a different platform” and my only option is to cancel the login…

Please tell me I haven’t lost all my stuff forever… is this fixable?