Logo Shop [CLOSED]

I can create a logos for you.
Right now I’m not charging commission but if I get a good amount of request by the end of the month I’ll start charging at $2/£1.50/1.70 EU. But for now it’s free.


  • I can do max 4 redos.
  • You must give a detailed description of what you want
  • These logos can be used as pfps of course
  • Because I’m trying this out, I may select the ones I know I’m capable of doing, as I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. :pensive:
  • I use photoshop for this, which is of course is a paid software, which is why eventually I may start to charge, but at very low prices as I’ve been in buyer’s shoes before :joy:
  • If you want your this logo to be episode related i.e. using your character details, this is fine but I can’t say 100% it will be as good as the professional ones
  • One logo per request
  • Be creative with your request, I’m trying to improve my skills
  • I can give you multiple ‘formats’ of your design, so one for a pfp, one for a intro, insta story etc. but state that in your request please.
  • Credit Must be given!!!

Here are a couple of my designs:



I’d like a logo that says : The XO’s or XO
What kind of information would you need for it?

Just any idea for what you’d like it to look like, if you want any pictures involved or colours etc.

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Pretty “fancy” but not cursive and in white or black colors

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How’s this? I know you said black and white but I got a little creative

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Do you think it could just be black and be a little more feminine? It’s for a girl group

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This is great!

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Can I post this on my instagram? I can tag you

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heyy! i was wondering if you could make a logo for my episode group. you can dm me on instagram @michaeljackson.episode if u wanna do it :smiley:

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