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IDK if someone has already made a post like this, but I just finished watching the last episode of Loki and I wanted to hear what other people had to say. Usually I’d watch each episode with my brother, but he’s out of town at the moment lol. I’ll put what I thought in a drop down box and keep it blurred as well.

If any of you do contribute, if there are any spoilers, make sure to write “(SPOILER)” and then blur the part which is a spoiler!! Thank you!!

My thoughts

I was beyond confused throughout the majority of the series tbh… I mean, I liked it, but I feel like the ending made all of the expositional work felt useless. I just don’t understand why that ending had to happen as I was hoping for something a little more… satisfying (rather than destructive). Because it feels like the whole point of this season was to introduce Kang the Conqueror as the mega villain that he is. Maybe that was the point??? not sure lol.


Ahhhh I really want to respond, but I’m still on episode 3. All I gotta say is I love the soundtrack lol


oh okok!! yea don’t drop down that box and read it lol. but if you ever get around to finishing, let’s hope this thread is still here ◡̈


I watched it and I loved except for the ending, that’s kinda wasn’t great, here on my opinions.

Warning spoilers!

My opinion on ending

The ending just felt rushed like they’re were no exciting parts and it’s felt like they were going no where, it’s look like they changed Sylvie’s to dumb and stupid which it disappointing as I liked her.

Opinion on the romance between Loki and Sylvie

The romance between Sylvie and Loki is just went too fast, they both met at the end of episode 2, didn’t get along and then get, have a romantic moment but no kiss in 5 then in 6, they have another romantic moment and then kiss.

I think a slow burn rather than a fast burn (I think that’s a its called) would have suited this series bc these two characters only met in end of episode 2 when Sylvie reavaled her face, then didn’t get along in episode 3 but then start to get along which was good and kinda develop a get along relationship. Then they had a romantic moment in episode 5 but in episode 6, they had another romantic and kissed nearly at the end but not too near the end if y’know what I mean. Basically the romance just rushed and it felt like a rushed version of the friends to lovers trope.

Opinion on more love interests

If they add any more love interests, I hope and beg to god they don’t focus on the romance since romance in this series looks like it’s the side plot, not the actual plot.

Another thing is, I don’t want this becoming some love pentagon or the where the characters like the 2 LIs or Loki and one of the inter are arguing over the stupidest things, one of them (the love interest) doesn’t like another LI bc “they stole Loki from them” or any other silly reasons.

They probably won’t add any more LIs since Sylvie but if they do, I don’t want anything which I said up above to happen.

Opinion on the series

The series is actually great, I liked the plot except for Loki and Sylvie’s romance and it’s one of my favourite series but however it could do with more episodes, ik the episodes were 40 or longer like 54 and 51 mins which is good for an episode length but I think this season 1 could have done with at least 15 to 20 episodes. That would have given loki and sylvie to develop a friendship and become friends in my opinion.

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Really looking forward to Season 2!


I really liked how they portrayed Kang the Conqueror, I had a feeling it was him because they did a great job foreshadowing. I also know he’s supposed to show up in the MCU movies as well.

Big fan of Loki’s character growth, and I like his dynamic with Sylvie as well. I’m pretty sure it’s been confirmed he’s going to show up in the next Dr. Strange film – I hope so, cause Dr. Strange and Loki are my faves <3

Usually, I like reading/discussing theories for what’s gonna happen next, but I’ve mostly been trying to avoid a lot of fandom discussion though, people can get kinda aggressive over shipping on places like twitter lol.

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With more marvel-ness!:woman_shrugging:

So I recently saw this theory on Loki where mobius likes the MCU’s not lady loki in a romantic way.


In one of the episodes of Loki, mobius hands over a dagger to Loki, and in the episode after, loki makes a dagger/love metaphor. Now, theory suggests that that dagger mobius gave to loki could have been a love token.

Sylvie or mobius? What are YOUR opinions on this?

ANYWAYS, true believers, goodbye and have a nice day(or night or afternoon depending on what time zone :grin:) excelsior!


You should blur the spoiler


K thx ngl forgot I could do that


I REALLY would like to know. A LOT of people have been saying that it is, but who knows there could be this massive plot twist!

What’s your opinion about this?

It’s been confirmed! This article talks about it ◡̈

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