Lol another art request

Hey, I know I’ve asked for a few things but I really am not good at art. I’ve seen some covers like ‘Bad Boy’s Girl’ and ‘It Starts With A Bra’ and ‘Broke Af’ where the characters look like they’ve been drawn. Can anyone make one of those of my character, it doesn’t have to be realistic, just like a cartoony, drawn version of my character against a Hawaiian/Beach background

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We can

Lol, you guys are great, thanks. Should I send a picture of my character on PM or here?

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I’ve sent the pose I want, and a close up of her face for you

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Do you want it drawm

yeah if possible

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I need


Any thing on the character?


Author name?



Title: Hale Huna

Author: Anonymous Author

Effects: Sparkles?? Anything magical-looking??

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Large or small or both


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What’s the size for large cover and small one

And for the close up one do you have her in the pose

I would like it 640 pixels wide and 1136 pixels tall, thats what you need for a background, and here:

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