Lol, Can You Tell Me...?

Hey ya’ll! My name is Dasha, and tell me this…

Does this look good?
Comment below!


Erm…btw, this is my first time doing this! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

I would say “no,” but I can’t draw faces much at all.

I like it a lot. Just a suggestion? Add a curve inward on the face shape closer to the eye.


Okie thx, and @Cricket_Master thanks for being honest! :joy:


Just keep practicing! :slight_smile:


I don’t want to sound too rude but it’s okay . I mean you are just starting off. If you try hard and keep practicing, you will get it perfect in no time! I mean that’s how I got so good at drawing Episode GIrls and that’s how my profile picture looks good! (I have no intention to sound snobby or braggy btw)


Hi there, as a very amateur artist I have a few tips.

While this is really good for a beginner, I recommend making a more realistic face shape. Instead of that shape incline going to the right side of the face, try making it more rounded and lower. Also, if her body is angled, make sure the shoulders are back a little or something to give it that angled, depth effect.

Shading will also give it depth (though you don’t have to do it, I just do it to improve my skills) and if you do shading, make sure to understand light sources and how shadows fall!

Sorry if I am confusing but those are just my tips! Just keep practicing and you’ll get really good one day!


Thanks ya’ll, I’ll keep all of your tips in mind!
Btw, that wasn’t an Episode character, if ya’ll are wondering. It’s just…my attempt to drawing a cartoon-like human being. :joy:

It’s nice overall but u can probably change the face shape a little. I’m not good at drawing on apps so I normally draw on a paper myself then picture it and then outline it on the app.

Great Beginner Artist! :wink:

Yay, thank you! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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If we gotta be real here, her eyebrows are ON FLEEK!!!

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YAS, thank you! :smile:

It looks so good!
I can’t even draw a frog; like I drew one and someone said “why does that spider have wings” :joy:
I loooveee her eyes & I wish my eyebrows looked that good lol. Keep drawing! The more you draw the better you’ll get! I see a lot of potential here :heart:


Thanks ya’ll for the feedback, I appreciate it! :grin:

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Hey! If you want any drawing tips, I am pretty good at drawing. ( I drew my current profile picture) you can just PM me for any tips and advice! I’m ALWAYS here to help!

yAY, thank you!

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Just PM me questions about drawing and I will give you the answer!

It looks good, are you kidding?