Lol i got two questions

The first question is can i mention websites in my story? Or is that copyright. Like i had my character talking about some information he found on wikipedia.

Second question is does anyone know why this image got rejected?

All of the overlays there i either made or i got off a copyright free website. I was maybe thinking its the camera icon at the bottom? Ive just uploaded it again to see if that does anything.

Please help me out lmao.

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for the picture - it got rejected because of a bag of chips with a brand name. You can’t have any real life brands in your story


ohh okay. ty.

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First, I would try to make the website names a little different like if you were to say “Youtube” it could be Epytube…

Second, with that splash, it is probably the word “Lays” on that chip bag.


yeh i was thinking i should do that.

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