Lol, ignore this topic


Forget this topic, just trying something new with voting and stuff…

  • This is correct
  • This is incorrect

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  • Is this correct?
  • Is this incorrect?
  • What am I doing?

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I’m just checking how to do the voting stuff, lol.

  • Dasha


How do you do that? - Like make a vote thing


When you go to reply to this comment, look at the icon to the very right. The “:gear:“ one. When you click it, you click “Build Poll” and then do your thing. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, thanks xxx


Hi Dasha! It’s great to see you learning and getting use to the forums. Feel free to reach out to myself or @Ryan with any questions you might have. And please let us know when you are done with this thread so we know when to close it. Thanks! :peace_symbol:


@Jeremy or @Ryan thanks for suggesting! If ya want, you can close this topic.



Topic closed as per thread op request :mage::eight_pointed_black_star::star2::star: