Lol pls help i'm having issues

hello hi i started a story back in 2019 and i just kinda stopped writing for a while, anyways i’m trying to get back into it and i totally forget everything about how to format stories. i’m trying to create outfits and only like 6 of my characters are showing up. i can’t create outfits for my guy characters cause the only characters showing up are some of my female characters… idk how to fix this :grimacing:

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I made a guide video some time ago hopefully it can help you, outfits is at 17

thanks for this! i know how to make characters and outfits, they’re just not showing up as options to use in my story. it’s probably a problem on my end, but thanks for the video!

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weired, have you try re-loade the page,

pls show me your script

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