Lol why does episode almost always do this?

Episode has in their featured stories almost always your token black and Asian Duo.

Sophie and Aya (Blood lust)

Isabelle and Zoe (Love Life)

ChristY and Maeve (It’ll be our secret)

Libby and the black girl I don’t know her name cause she barely has LINES she’s just there making facial expressions and looking pretty! (Loving the tomboy)

On a more serious note (but it’s not that serious) in the story I’m making there is a black and Asian duo that’s based off the friendship I had with someone for five years and, she’s Asian and I’m black so I was like why not make THEM Asian and black. They ARENT the only people of colour in the story like lots of the stories I mentioned, there are a whole bunch of POC’S. They are also not the main character cause I only have one main character but, they have their own life and their life doesn’t revolve around the main characters. They’ll be shown doing their own thing and living their life. Sorry just wanted to clarify that I’m not having any token characters and not being a hypocrite! Feel free to share thoughts.


because you know… diversity


Mine also have a Best friend who is asian, though my MC she is black

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I know but it seems TO ME like tokenism. Just having them there for “diversity”


That’s great. Your MC is black. She’s the main character so she’s not just a token.


Lol, yeah it is a little bit of a trend lately. And even then the last example, the black girl is white and blonde in the original (name’s Carmen btw). At least they are different by being the antagonists (sarcastic).


Lol I just don’t understand why they do that!

i just realize that they do that. usually the mcs of my story are asian.

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Oh my god, I just noticed this! And honestly, Idk why that is always the case. Had a white character? Make them black! And a character with no classification of race? Make them Asian. :expressionless: Just, why? Are those the only 2 races Episode is familiar with?


It’s the diversity pander to get more reads. It’s sad to me that we can’t just incorporate a plethora of races and backgrounds naturally without it being political (if I overstepped something, please let me know, but don’t roast me).


I think I partly agree with what u say, but what do u exactly mean by “without being political” ? (im serious im tryna understand)