Long, detailed stories


Do people like quite long detailed episodes or do they just become boring? Because I like them as I think you can create a better connection with the characters and it seems more realistic. However I’m worried people will find the story I’m making boring…
thanks x


I think you should make them long but time them and make sure theyre no longer than 15-20 minutes.


Personally, I don’t like really excessive narration but some people do :woman_shrugging:. For me, it will depend on how long and detailed you’re talking about lol.


Right okay, yeah that sounds like a good idea. Thank you!


Yeah, I guess as long as there’s choices and multiple scenes and characters then people can them more interactive. Thank you!


Well, A lot of people LOVE long detailed stories because they get to read the JUICY stuff (lol such as me!) Follow your heart and choose what’s best for you… REMEMBER: Always follow your heart at what you think is best! :smiley:

-ButterflyMagic101 :smiley:


Awe okay, and of course, thank you so much! :kissing_heart:


No prob :slight_smile:


I personally love longer stories/episodes, it gives you the ability to understand and learn about the characters more, to me it gives you more of a connection with them.

I apparently have way too much free time lol

It depends on how you tackle episode length though, if you use too much block text/narration it seems to turn readers off. If you follow the “Show not tell” idea, you should be fine.

But don’t worry about what other people think, write what you want! It makes for a more enjoyable experience :grin:


Ah okay because yeah that’s why I like quite long episodes. And also I guess it means you get your passes worth. Thank you very much! :kissing_heart:


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