Long Story Recommendations

Looking for long stories, I prefer completed. The style doesn’t matter, it just needs to be at least 30+ episodes with a good plot.

  • PLEASE don’t suggest the story you just published :weary:

woudl love to help but only completed stories i have in mind is only a few chapters

@ELx Hey! I saw you request and thought I could help :slight_smile:
Just letting you know, it’s really hard to recommend long stories with no romance or drama at all… is a little bit of romance ok?
Because I would recommend you to read The Ruby Tiara by Wincy W.
It’s a fantasy story where choices matter with 33 episodes, but there is some romance in it.
Honestly, I think you should try it out because I was absolutely amazed by how well this story was written!
I hope this was helpful :slight_smile:


I already read it, thank you for recommending though!

I’m ok with romance or drama but if that’s the genre of the story, I’d rather not.

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Oh ok I see!
I’ll recommend you more if I come across any :slight_smile:

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Oh, have you read Galactic Game by Lucky?
It’s a comedy and one of my top favorites!
It’s ongoing, but there are 30 episodes so far :slight_smile:

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The Wolf Within by EllyB and The Legacy by Natasha Hills are also really good

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I did read that too! :grinning:

I’ll check them! Thanks!

You’re welcome!

Most stories I read are drama and romance. But one that is not is Life behind bars its 29 episodes and completed, by LA.