Longer dialogue lengths

Hey guys,
I need some help. How can I make my dialogue longer when two or more characters are talking? Sometimes I have no idea what the characters are going to say. What do I do?

Is this a literary issue, or a coding issue?


When I face an issue like this, I honestly think of what type of persona the character has

easygoing, or hard exterior.
And from there I could usually dictate what they’ll say.

NGL, it really helps to pre-plan a dialogue scene :slight_smile:
I get the best ideas of what my characters will say when I’m in the shower, no idea how :joy:
Also getting a feel for your character helps, if you were in their shoes…What would you do?

Good point

Inner Dialogue may help as well :slight_smile:

What’s that?

Like a thought bubble! :smiley: I think :joy:

It’s like the person talking to themselves, about their thoughts and feelings about the situation

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