Look At This Edit and Tell Me What You Think!

So, quick disclaimer, these outlines are NOT mine so credits to the original artists I dont have names for who they are so why dont you guys help me out lmfao. I only edited and coloured the outlines and mashed the two together. Again these outlines are NOT mine!!


Tell me what you think and any advice you have for me would be gladly appreciated thanks. Lets keep it professional, okay? Dont be too angsty. I have made edits before and I have been trying new styles so I am proud of this one but not as proud as I could possibly be. Again. Outlines are NOT mine!!!

Thanks in advance - Shadowclaw/TinyTimberwolf24 is out.

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Now that I look at it I am seeing everyrhing wrong with it XD

you did so good! they both look good but the girl is :heart_eyes: I don’t see anything that needs to be fixed honestly.

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Awe thank you so much!! :heart::heart: I appreciate that sm, again thanks lol

lol ur welcome! :heartpulse:

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