Look to join art group!


I want to join an art group, if anyone is interested in having me, here is an example of my work, and there is much more to come, as this is my first time! (Click for better quality,


Episode Harmony!


Do you do art request and EPISODE HARMONY!


Yes I do, but the art takes a while as I use my dads Ipad, and he works away. The time it takes is up a 1-2 week(s).


Thats ok, art cant be rushed, and I know that for sure.


Aha (: True. That was my first edit


Looks better than my first edit I’m surprised episode harmony actually accepted me


U have like an attention to detail


Thanks (:


Are you on Instagram? @Tabs.Forums


@Tabs.Forums Luv it! The only thing I would recommend is to maybe add more shadows on one side of the face, possibly the left?


Srry, that was meant for your other thread


Yes, its tabs.epi


Aha its fine, thanks for the feedback!


Did u want to join episode harmony @Tabs.Forums ?
We could use another artist like u




I’d love to!


Is this better?


Cool I’ll add u to our group chat


Pardon me for asking, but where is the added shadows?