Look to join art group!


The top of the ear, and top of the head on the left side, here’s them both together:


Oh lol, now I see it! I was looking at the one you posted at the top to compare it, but now I realized that they were the same because you changed it




It looks great!


Hey @Tabs.Forums this really great work I’m also a part of Episode Harmony and we will love to have you


Thanks, I tried learning how to use the app, and this is the outcome.


Really? That’d be great!


your first edit is better than my recent edits, how ?! jk. I love it !!

im apart of episode harmony too, we would love to have you in the group! another option, you could also make a thread to promote your arts !

thank you and keep up the good work :yellow_heart:


@Artistofepi @ChayChay


@Tabs.Forums your art is a beauty!

If you would like you join Episode Studio, a bright and hardworking family, PM me or @Artistofepi or @ChayChay.

Have a nice day and keep up the good work! :+1:

Claire - 3rd President of Episode Studio