Lookin for a proofreader

Hello everyone, hope you’re doing well!
I’m looking for a proofreader who can help me with grammar mistakes, since English isn’t my first language .
If you’re interested let me know.
P.s I’ll give you credit at the end of each chapter and on Instagram.

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I’m a native English speaker I can help you out if you want.

English is my first language so I’d be happy to help.

English is my first language so I can if you want x

English is my first language, so if you want a new set of eyes, I’ll gladly help!

Hi everyone, thank you so much!
But I had to choose the first personaggio that reached out.
Nevertheless thank you so much, I really appreciate It

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Hey, is someone still interest in proofreading?

I can help

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Thank you, I’ll send you a message :blush: