Looking an artist

I’m currently looking for someone to design me a art cover for my new story Life Unexpected. Preferably For free If it’s not to much trouble.

These are the main characters in the story.
It’s also a romance. He’s Tall dark and bad. And she’s a train wreck who doesn’t care what she looks like. And is having trouble letting people in due to past trauma if this helps.

Let me know if anyone can help. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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I can do it !! but only if it’s edited…is that okay?

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Epi Lair Art Shop :maple_leaf: [OPEN]
If you request there I could do it for you!

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Hello! Welcome to the train of writing!
Hopefully this will help

List Of Open Art Shops!
And for further help:
Helpful Links for Authors :blob_hearts:


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I can do it just request here at my art shop (it’ll be better and faster if you want it edited)

Alanna’s Cover Shop

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I can do if you haven’t found anyone yet

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