Looking for 1920’s outfits


I’m writing a story that takes place in 1923 and I’m really struggling with putting together outfits that fit the 1920’s. Anyone that is writing this era and has any outfit inspo for me? Would be much appreciated!


yesss this story could help you act of vengeance by rosenspitze

im gonna check it out, ty!

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np np

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Oh, I’d love to try and help you out! I love creating new outfits. If you like, I could make some for tomorrow and DM them to you! :grin:

if it’s not too much trouble :pleading_face: i would love that!

Here are three outfits I did this morning, the three key points that embrace the 20s are:

  • Straight outfits, the curves of a woman were not highlighted.
  • Headpieces, the favourite accessories were hats and derivates. Other jewellery was not that common, they did use small earrings/necklaces.
  • Shoes, forget about boots or high heels, the trend was the kitten heels and Mary James type of footwear.

Here are three examples:

Hope you like them! ~ :yellow_heart:

omg these are greaatttttt!! thank you so much :heart::heart:

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I’m glad they helped :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: