Looking for 2 Co authors + Story Poll

I am it again with stories well this time I would like to do it with 2 people and of course your name will be on the story cover so you will be credited and the first 2 people that say they want to be the Co - Authors will get a spot and together we will decide a fresh and one of a kind story.

You must have a lot of ideas
Please if it dosn’t work out don’t wuit we will try and find a way to fix the problem
If you have a problem with the person tell me in PM and we will solve the problem
You must be active for at least 50 mins per day to get everything underway
You must be really serious for this please.
We must discuss all the plans together so please don’t go off and do things yourself for the story.
You will be ask a questionnaire of 3 questions like an interview but don’t worry I am not harsh in selections but its really thee first 2 people that will be chosen
Thank you for your comprehension

Oops sorry I posted 2 things accidently because of my bad internet connection
@Sydney_H or @Jeremy please close this thread I made a mistalee

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