Looking for 2 writers to help

So I’m technically for 2 people I can trust, that we both write a story as one. So sometimes I will work on chapter and sometimes they will too.


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bump !

omg I would love to help be your writing partner! i just wanted to ask how long you’ve been coding on episode and if this is your first episode, because I’m sort of a new writer and I am beginning my first story (just for some background info).

Kind of long, but not that long. I kind of know the basics and directing and stuff

Is that a yes :blush:

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i would ! i’m sort of new to coding tho & i know the basics ! but i would need to now your story description first if you have one planned out, if not, we could come up with a story together ! :))

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i think were at the same level of coding. ive always kind of wanted a coding partner, so i would love to help you code your story. you would just have to give me the description of ur story and stuff like that.

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Yh that would be amazing ok I’ll message bother of you my story plan


I would be down for that depending on what the book is about and if I get credited for it.
I can do a lot of different coding:

  1. Advanced zooming.
  2. Background templates.
  3. Overlay coding.
  4. Points system.
  5. Advanced choices.
  6. Facetiming and phone call scenes
    And plenty more (:

Oh have I sent you the story plan ?

Oooh yes, could you leave your email down so I can email you.

i dont think u have

since ive learned a few new things…
i can do

i have some cool backgrounds and overlays i could send
i know some things about choices
have an average insta following

Oh I apologise, could you privately send me your email.

Sure thing!