Looking for a a co author

Hi everyone im looking for a writing partner if you want to be my partner blease read the words below :point_down:

You should be on instagram

If i choose you you must give me your email so i can add you to the docs

Must be a good at coding if not its fine

Thats it I would love to see my new partner​:relaxed::blush:

Can I ask what kind of story you are going to write?

I would love to be a co-author. I’m good at writing but not coding. I was thinking about starting my own story so if you are not sure about the plot of your story we can work on mine. Just share your insta Id, I can dm you.

hey! I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to be a co author to somebody’s story! I’m always looking for new friends and I have amazing ideas stored but no one to share them with.I’m free like all the time, so lmk if you’re interested! :heart: I have an Instagram too, I know a lot about episode coding, just let me know if you want me to be the co author of your story, I will give you all the details atm. I am really good at writing too and it will definitely help with the dialogues and everythin.

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Hi i really wanted a coder