Looking for a advanced scripted/director to code!

I am writing a horror/mystery story called, “One By One.” and I am writing the whole story, with dialogue, ETC.

But I am not good at all with coding

or directing, so I need someone who is really good at directing and coding! I am looking for a long term partner who will help me direct all my stories that I write and script. Trying to get an advanced coder :slight_smile: Looking for someone perferably who has a lot of time on their hands :slight_smile: but if not, that is not A PROBLEM <3

any takers?

  • Jonathan

I would love to help you coding, the only thing I am not so good at are overlays. (means, that I can place, move and remove them, but can’t do more advanced stuff, yet)

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How good are you coding under pressure? And are you good at pressure? What’s the most advanced coding you could probably do?

And overlays I really like to use overlays for my stories so we would need to get you trained for that. :slight_smile:

That depends, what pressure means to you. I can code fast, but maybe my definition of fast is different from yours.

And I can’t really tell you, what the most advanced thing is I can do. I am very good at branching and things connected to it, but I can’t tell you what exactly the best I can is, at least not on spot

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Okay, Am I able to see you type in a doc? Also, do you have coding memorized or do you have to look it up constantly? Curious. :slight_smile:

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If you want to, sure. And that depends on how complex something is. Something like letting the character walk to a spot and sit down is very easy to code, although I would have to look up the exact spots in the app.

Of course! Would you like to be tested now? :slight_smile:

We could test me now, but it is rather late in my country, so I wouldn’t bring the best possible result (:

I will give you multiple tests. Like.

Make a person walk onto the screen and face righ

Make a choice

Make a branched choice. ETC.

We could do it now, if you want to. And do you mean complex branching or normal branching? What I mean with complex branching is, remembering choices or using labels or the Point system

Labels and complex branching/remembering choices. :slight_smile:

alright :slight_smile: Could we do it in About ten minutes? I am finishing some work

Yes private message mee so we can hop on a document :slight_smile: