Looking for a art teacher! ( Willing to PAY)

Hey everyone!
I’m looking for anyone who happen to be available for at classes, i have always had a live for aaru and would likes to learn or, i did watch a few tutorials on YouTube buti could use some help, i am willing to pay you for some help,

Anyone who can help would be appreciated :sparkling_heart:

@Wraith.monke @KylieJay @Vampira

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Hello! I could potentially help you out ^^ Though I’m nowhere near being a professional, I believe I can help you one way or another. I’d also love to talk to other artists! DM me if you’re interested :relaxed: Oh and no need to pay me

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Do you have any examples of your art?

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Of course! Here are some art pieces I’ve made:


Made for @Kande10

Also made for @Kande10

You’ll find more examples on my instagram @nerisalei ^^

Are you an free artist

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Here are mine examples. Pm me more so that I can send u more

Hi, I’m still in the process of taking an art class myself, so I’m not sure if I can teach someone else
Type in what exactly you need help and then maybe I can help
Thanks for the tag)