Looking for a artist for a DRAWN cover!

I’m looking for a expirenced artist who can draw my cover and preferably does digital art and has a small waiting list. Thanks! (Limelight, please!)



As I said before

I’m sorry, but if you don’t have any examples, I don’t think you’ll be right for this. :confused:

I think if you’re wanting a drawn cover or digital art you might be better off commissioning someone to do a cover cause that type of art takes time and experience?

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Doesn’t commissioning involve money? I can’t do that since I’m broke :money_mouth_face::no_entry_sign:

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I’d love to :grin:

Any examples?

well then you dont need a cover that much

Yeah, but it’s just more reliable and you can ensure the cover looks the way you want :wink:

True, but I rly don’t want to spend money. That doesn’t mean it’s not as important, I just don’t want to spend money on I cover I’ll use once in my life.

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Commissioning isn’t for everyone, keep looking!

Thanks for the suggestion, though.

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Yeah, I was rly hoping someone like @EllasStorys could do it, but all those people are busy. Oh, well.

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well, the artist spends most of there life learning to draw. it will take them hours to make that said cover. the really good covers you see on the episode was a commission. people are nice to do it for free. but there are many artists who live of there art. and many people insult them for making commission and not do it for free. when literally it is there work. if you dont fell the cover is worth money get a simple one. the once Sofia makes are pretty good. and you honestly dont find much better for free

i am not telling you to go get a commission. just remember there a reason they cost money and are not free

My art 🤢

True, I wish I could draw in the Episode style. My drawing are more cartoony

Sorry that I’m so busy! If I ever get some free time and need to draw something I’ll PM you <3

Oh, it’s fine. Sry for mentioning you.