Looking for a artist to make me a cover

The cover I’m looking for is…


Skin= Light
Face= Oval
Hair= Long Feathered (black)
Eye Brows= Defined Natural (black)
Eyes= Upturned Feline (white)
Nose= Elven
Lips= Classic (scarlet)
Clothes= Blue Star Tee With Key Necklace

Skin= Tan
Face= Defined Triangle
Hair= Spiked Up Hair (black)
Eye Brows= Thin Arch (black)
Eyes= Deepest Piercing (violet)
Nose= Button
Lips= Uneven (terracotta)
Clothes= Blue Racer With Key Necklace


[What’s Happening]
Character are facing back-to-back and looking opposite ways while still holding hands, and also the male character is holding a gun in his other hand pointing it at something in the distance


I don’t really have anything in mind besides it has to be black with misty grey smoke

[Other Details]
If you could, can you make the title big and go around it with neon electric blue.


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I could make it!

That would be amazing if you could

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Okay, do you want it drawn or edited?

Drawn would be better

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But whatever is easier for you, I don’t mind

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Oh :confused: well, I can’t really draw so here’s a shop you could request it at:
@BlueSnowflake09 I hope you don’t mind me promoting your shop lol

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Oh, that’s ok if you can’t, thnx anyway

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I don’t mind x

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I can help hun :slightly_smiling_face:

That would be great!

Send what you want me to do in my shop