Looking for a artist to pay! :D

Hai!! Im writing my my new story and i would like to pay someone to draw my art cover! You dont have to be a good drawer or anything!! I do have a budget that im trying to stick to but ill probably do $10 - $20 dollars. I know its not much :slight_smile: but thats all i have at the moment! Thank you for taking your time out to read this and if you do wanna draw for me then please message me on insta at @epialexawrites


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I may be able to help, would you mind sharing more details about what you’re looking for? This may help other artists identify if they’re able to aswell. Like number of characters, reference poses, ect

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In the meantime, here is the link to my drive with some examples. Most are edits, and some are unfinished. Cover Examples - Google Drive

thanks for the tag!

hiya my commissions are open if you’re interested :))

You can contact me here or on Instagram @caitlindrewthis

prices + info

some examples


You can find more examples here on my thread >> Caitlin’s Art Commissions [OPEN]

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my commissions are open and you can find my prices and examples here :point_down:

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Thank you for the tag.
The art prices
(For one character)

  1. Upto shoulder- Rs. 250
  2. Upto knee/waist- Rs. 350
  3. Full length- Rs. 500
    (For two characters)
    Add 50% of the original price
    Illustration of your picture (personal use, not for episode)
    Rs. 300
    Neon edit (personal use, not for episode)
    Rs. 300

These r screenshots of my work