Looking for a background artist!


Hey. I’m Winter. Right now, I’m looking for an artist who can make me a background. I don’t think it’s too complicated.

Background details

Background: Cellphone background like when reading an ariticle on your phone.

~ It should say something like “Alyson Olivers best friend comes forward and reveals that Alyson used steroids to make it to the pro’s! She also said Alyson refuses to spend any time with her children and regrets having them.”

Somebody please help me! I will give you credit in my story! If you can do this, comment below or PM me. :slight_smile:

Winter xx


Oh good chance for me. I am not digital artist but
i can try if u want yo


That’d be great! What artist are you? :slight_smile:


Well, i prefer drawing with hand and drawing sketches with pencil, drawing realistic human with pencil colour and painting with acrylic.


I thought its is a masterpiece, i just looked at the details and i think i can do it. I guess I’ll try


Thanks. :smile:


Just wanna ask you something
You want cell phone and a plain background with the writing on it right?
Okey it will be done just in 1 hour and i will send you to see if u wanna make any change


Yes. If you can, can you make it look like an article you’d read on your phone please.


Hey, what do u think so far?


Hey. It’s really good! :slight_smile:



I hope you really liked it and do you want any changes tell me
Or do u want me to add hand holding the phone


If you can add the hand that’d be great. He has olive skin tone.


This is how it should look like when u upload it


Here you go this is the final

I could change the colour of the background if you want to


Thank you so much! It’s great!! How should I give you credit?


credit! what do you mean?


Whats your story? I wanna read it


Where I’d say thank you to person for this background.


It’s not published yet. I only have two complete episodes. :slight_smile:


Okey, well I dunno put my insta hahahah lol
So i can have more followers
Or u dont have to