Looking For A Background Creator!

Hey hey everyone! I’ve recently decided to start writing short stories on episode to further my coding abilities. With that being said, I would also like to start using things such as art scenes and custom backgrounds such as chapter title cards, sound warnings and buildings with custom names edited on them. I am looking for someone who is possibly willing to help me out a little as I am absolutely terrible at editing. As well as a shoutout to you and the art created for me, I will be posting pictures and giving you an instagram shoutout to. If there is anyone interested in helping me, please let me know! I would greatly appreciate any help!

I can do some of those things!

I would like to be your splash and overlay creator please :slight_smile:

Aww that is great! Thank you so much for the comment, when I need something I will head to you!

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I would love to help if it’s INK! I can do LL too but it’s quite hard.

Here are some of my examples

I will definitely keep you in mind if I ever finish my ink story! Unfortunately this story is in Limelight but thank you for the reply!

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