Looking for a background from a lake with picknick


and looks like this;


Hope someone can help me.



What do you need help with?



Oh you are a sweetheart thanks xxx @Jeremy this can be closed thank you.


The background this was an example but the sweet lady behind you already posted it, thank you x


Lol you don’t need to upload it, it is already there in the Art Catalog


did not see it, i clicked even all and it was not there.


Oh you should have copy the name and paste it in the art catalog


is that possible, i thought you really needed to upload the backgrounds.


No what?? They provided for you


and ho do you do someting like that, in the writhers portal because i don’t write on an app.


Me neither




I meant I don’t write on the app part


You click on the art catalog

That where you get them from…

I think you know this already lol


yes but i need to upload the picture and it hase to be approved.


Nope it doesn’t


Lol it is right here


not with me, but maybe i need glasses lol


Yes I think you need to look and see more because you don’t want to be waiting for it to be review