Looking for a background!

Hey! I need a very classy boutique interior background for free. If you know anyone who does it for free, or where to find something like this, please let me know!

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FlowerGriefer has a few boutique backgrounds:

Just run CTRL + F and type the keyword ‘boutique’ and you’ll find it :smile_cat: Her rules are at the top.

:tulip: FlowerGriefer’s Backgrounds :tulip: - Creator’s Corner / Art Resources - Episode Forums (episodeinteractive.com)

Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately, the thread is too long and it doesn’t work, but I’ll see if I find something :slight_smile:

Here’s the direct link to that post - 🌷 FlowerGriefer's Backgrounds 🌷 - #684 by FlowerGriefer