Looking for a Bedroom Background :)!

Hello to whoever is reading this :slight_smile: , I was wondering if anyone had a Purple Bedroom background I could use. I’ve looked through the Ultimate Background links but I haven’t had any luck finding ones that’s right for my character :sweat:.
What i’m looking for is :
** - Purple Bed & Purple Wallpaper *
** - Large Window (to look out of)*
** - Lights (around the wall/christmas lights)*
** - Not too girly *
** - Animated background (something that looks like an Episode made background, if that makes sense)*
If anyone can find any pls share them, I’m desperate for some :0 !!

I could properly make one, is there other details I need for it?

I think that’s about it , thank you so much :slight_smile: !

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what kind of floor do you want?

what kind of purple, dark or light, i there other stuff you like in the bedroom

do you like any of these beds?

Also do you want a specific background for the window or just a blue sky?

also other backgrounds I made its not many I know


what els to do?

A sky is fine & wooden flooring would be nice :slight_smile: