Looking for a Bentley Car overlay

Hey y’all i really need a bentley car overlay for my Story but with the windows darken that faces left and right?

You mean one that’s just one side of the car, right? And does the color matter?

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I’ll be uploading a Bentley limousine set on my Ko-fi Shop soon if you’re interested?

Sorry I don’t offer free backgrounds and overlays, it’s purely because I need to recoup at least some of what I’ve spent on 3D assets. :skull:

Example Pics

There’s a few more views but I didn’t want the (temporary) preview picture to appear too crowded.

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No not really but i most likely prefer black lol

I love them but i lowkey want the side view car to be tinted because i’m too lazy to code my characters in the car. :skull_and_crossbones:

There’s these…I tried to do something about the shininess on the black one but couldn’t :sweat_smile:


I can easily tint them. :relieved:

I also have one side view of a black one. I can tint the windows in that one and send it to you for free considering I only render one image for the black Bentley version? I only have the one render because I needed the white one for my own story.

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