Looking for a beta reader for Werewolves in hiding

Hi everyone I am looking for a few beta readers for a story that I created making which had five chapters at the moment but they are already released. I would’ve asked earlier for a beta reader but I didn’t know that was a thing so I’m asking now. My story is called Werewolves in hiding. My Instagram is Meghan_on_episode you can dm me here or on Instagram in you’re interested.

Do not be rude with your criticism. I want you to help me be better and offer good suggestions, not make me feel bad about it.
Do not leave me on read. If you’re not going to be in it for the long haul, please don’t waste my time! Likewise if you only want to do this to read my story for free.

Description: Everyone wants a normal life but it’s not always easy. Even if you have magic powers and always being hunted now by researchers.

Inform me of overlay glitches.
Correct grammatical errors.
Request more/less scenes, more/less dialogue, more/less narration etc to improve story telling.
Suggest new ideas, or other means of improvement.
Give your overall thoughts at the end of each episode, including anything I can improve upon.

Note: Suggestions made by beta readers are exactly that, suggestions. They are up to my discretion if I want to implement the changes or not.

Thank you for your time

I’d been down to help.

Great so this is my first time doing a beta read so how does this work do you need the share link my story link or what?

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you can PM me and send the link. Just sending the link will work


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I can help you

just a note - if your story is already published betareader will not read it for free he have to pay passes for it as any other reader. And he will not have acces to not yet published chapters via the link.

Ok thanks

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