Looking for a beta reader.. i think


Hi! I’m Ally, and I’ve been developing a story for over a year now. I am very nervous about sending it out there until its complete and very round around the edges. What I am looking for is a beta reader who is preferably a part of the lgbtq+ community and/or a POC. The reason being, I am a straight white girl and I REALLY hope that I am not putting any stereotypes or anything disrespectful into the characters that I have created. I also just want to know if I am developing my characters well enough so that they seem like real people. I guess this means I am looking for sort of a deep review and analysis of my story.
It is not finished quite yet. I have only finished two unpublished chapters and am working on the third. A short description: The sudden death of Mickey’s girlfriend brings an overwhelming amount of grief in his life. With death, that’s expected. What he didn’t know is that it would be stringing along heartbreak, betrayal, and 3 strangers with a lot more in common than they’d like to admit.
This story is a drama and features lgbtq+ romance. I have worked so hard to get this right and I would really appreciate it if you took the time to read my story and give me some initial reactions and constructive feedback.
If you are interested in helping, send me a pm on the forums or dm me on instagram at @/ally.episode
Thanks a bunch!!


Hi I would love to read you story I’m also great at scripts so I’d be more than happy to help PM me please if you choose me


Happy to help. If you need help you can DM me. My instagram is @manna.episode


Let me know if you need help too! POC in the house!:raised_hand:t3::raised_hand:t3::raised_hand:t3:


I would love to proof read your story for you and give you feedback. I have written a few lgbt stories myself :revolving_hearts:


This actually sounds really good!! I can’t wait to read it!! Whether as a Beta-Reader or just a Reader :smiley:


I would love to help! Your story seems very interesting. Of course if you dont have one already.


aww thank you so much!!


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